"The New Galileos", by Amy Berryman, @ The Parsnip Ship Podcast


I'm in a podcast!

Earlier this year I had the honor to be asked to be a part of the season finale of The Parsnip Ship Podcast. We did a live recording of Amy Berryman's beautiful dystopian play THE NEW GALILEOS. Directed by Becky Baumwoll, we follow three female scientists as they are held in captivity by the government for their stance on climate change. What will be the price for their freedom?

I am joined by the incredibly talented Lynn R Guerra, Alia Guidry, and Tara Giordano.

You can listen to THE NEW GALILEOS by following The Parsnip Ship Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play.

Or you can also listen to it... HERE!

The Parsnip Ship re-imagines the concept of the radio play by specifically focusing on stories that differ in form, content and plot by emerging playwrights. The series featured new plays and new music performed live and released as a free podcast. This live event and podcast series highlights diverse voices in both theater and music and brings awareness to inspiring artists. No other theatrical event provides a free live event with our format, curation of live independent musicians and a personal interview with the playwright. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri, and recorded live every month in Brooklyn, The Parsnip Ship is available on iTunesSpotify and Google Play Music.

The Parsnip Ship team is Iyvon Edebiri, Katy Donnelly, Todd Kirkland, Ry Szelong, Blayze Teicher, and Gilberto Rosa. 

The episode's musical guest is Gabi The Artist!

"Songs About Trains", by Radical Evolution, @ LPAC

(April 17th, 18th, 2018)

I'm singing again! 

SONGS ABOUT TRAINS is a celebration of the many cultures that contributed to the building of the cross country rail system in the United States. Through music and performance, Songs About Trains grapples with the thorny realities of immigration, labor, Manifest Destiny, and pillaging of Native American land that are central to our history, and uplifts the victories of a multicultural, multilingual workforce that made our country what it is today. 


Sarina Cangussu
Caitlin Cisco
Darrell Hunt
Beto O'Byrne
Chris Peters

Laura Riveros (!!!)
Maya Sharpe
Anna Wray


Co-Directors: Rebecca Martinez & Taylor Reynolds
Stage Manager: Patrick Harnett-Marshall
Music Director: Trevor Bachman 
Choreographer: Joya Powell
Producers: Ying Le and Meropi Peponides

LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC)
at LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101

For directions to LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, click here.
For more info about the Rough Draft Festival, 
click here.
To learn more about the development process of Songs About Trains, 
click here.

"The Beacons" by Georgina Escobar, @ INTAR Theatre

(June 27th, 2017)

Earlier this year I was accepted in INTAR's young performers initiative Unit 52. Applying for and joining UNIT 52 has been one of the best decision I've made in the last couple of years, and now I'm proud to announce I will be playing the role of AGATHA in INTAR's New Works Lab production of The Beacons, written by the brilliant Georgina Escobar and directed by UNIT 52's J. Julian Christopher.

THE BEACONS is a action-packed, heavy-punchin', uber stylized story following a pinball narrative that reimagines Manhattan as a Debtor's prison. Siblings blur the boundaries of game and reality as a mysterious woman calls for a conclave and a multi-spective approach to story telling. Loosely inspired by pinball, and the 1970s cult classic "The Warriors."

Ticket information coming soon!

"Policarpa" by Diana Burbano, @ The Drama League

(May 26th, 2017)

In a future Colombia controlled by the very wealthy, the brilliant, mad Ingrid Bolivar collects young women and turns them into weapons. On Friday May 26th, I will be part of Policarpa, a play by Diana Burbano.


Directed by Melinda Hall, Policarpa will be part of The Drama League's 2017 Rough Draft Series, a one day residency to explore one aspect or element of a project in early development stage. 

The cast includes Andrea Abello (Policarpa), Natalia Hernandez (Bibiano), Stefa Marín Alarcón (Realidad), Diana Burbano (Ingrid), and yours truly (Paciencia).

Click here for more information and tickets.

"El Grande" by Maggie Bofill, @ Ensemble Studio Theater

(May 14th, 2017 - June 5th, 2017)

When Adriana locks herself in the bathroom, declaring she will now be living there, her two sisters Yolanda and Antonia have to get her out. The whole event turns into a crazy adventure that reveals a shocking secret, and shows them for who they really are: Una familia, where no matter how volatile things might get - at the end of the day, love reigns supreme.

I will be joining the wonderful Christina Nieves and Jamie Rezanour (my stage sisters!) in this wonderful new play by Maggie Bofill, directed by the stellar Pamela Berlin.

El Grande will be part of Ensemble Studio Theatre's 36th Marathon of One-Act Plays - Series A. 

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

After a performance hiatus, the fall 2016 is welcoming back with open arms!

Last week, I completed Paul Fouquet's Monologue Perfection class at Actors Connection. It was 4 wonderful weeks of tackling new material, expanding our audition repertoire, and going above and beyond our comfort zones. Paul was a great teacher, not only giving us great direction on how to choose and perform our monologues during auditions, but also giving us wonderful insight into what is going on inside a casting director's head during the audition process. I recommend this class to everyone who is looking for new material, or who feels rusty on the audition side of their careers wants to practice in front of "an audience".


Click here for more information.

"The Illiterates" by Pablo Paredes, @ LaMicro Theater

I will also be performing in "The Illiterates" ("Las Analfabetas") as part of LaMicro Theater's Contemporary Chilean Play Festival ESCENA SUR. 

I will be playing the role of Ximena, along side the super talended Ali Stoner in the role of Jaqueline. Written by Pablo Paredes, and directed by Tara Elliot, we will be performing November 17th at 8:30pm at Shetler Studios.

For more information, visit LaMicro Theater's website.

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